Prentice To Farage: Oh, That Sucks, I Know That Feeling

(Edmonton, AB) –Former Alberta Premier Jim Prentice had some words of comfort for UKIP leader Nigel Farage this morning in the wake of Farage’s election loss in South Thanet.

“Oh, man.  I know that totally sucks.  Obviously, I mean the resigning as leader of your party part, as I actually did win my seat in election that I was perhaps a little too overconfident in calling.  So I can’t really relate to the ‘losing the seat’ part of what he’s going through, which must be” At this point Prentice paused to find an appropriate word before continuing with “rough?”

“I suppose that the big lesson from both The Nige and I, for any aspiring politicians, would be this.  Don’t stake your future career on the result of one election.  That’s just a bad idea, the people, apparently, will call you on it.  Yeah.  Just don’t promise to quit if you lose.”

Asked for comment on Prentice’s comments, Nigel Farage in return asked our SLN reporter on the scene “What?” and “Who?” before inviting the reporter to perform a lewd act upon themselves.


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