Man Now Ready To Catch Up American Idol

(Gary, Indiana) –Citing Fox’s recent announcement to cancel American Idol after next season, Gary Indiana of Gary, Indiana released a press statement announcing that he would now begin watching the show from season 1 so he could be “all caught up for the final season.”

“I don’t watch the really popular shows while they’re still on, particularly if it’s something you have to watch each week to keep up.  So now that AI is entering its final season, I now feel I can watch it.  I did this with Breaking Bad, Dexter, 24, and Full House.  It works great.  I’m still waiting for the Nightly News to end, so I can catch up on that.”

“I’m not overly concerned about spoilers.  I don’t really listen to music on the radio, I usually have an audiobook on, but I am looking forward to seeing all of the really popular artists that are around now getting their start on this show.  I’ll finally know who the people are that my daughter is always talking about.  Like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and that Justin Bieber fellow.  They’re off that show, right?”


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