Enthusiast Disappointed At Adaptation

(Bolton, Lancs) –Maxwell Clerk, a local fantasy enthusiast, has expressed outrage at the adaptation of one of his favourite book series into a television show.

“It’s fucking bullshit how they changed it.” He told us angrily.  “Now it’s not exactly like the thing I love so much.  Clearly the reason that it was so popular, popular enough to become a TV show, is because of this one exact piece of information.  A piece that the producers of the show changed just to piss off the fans of the original work.  I’m sure they’ll claim it was for some bullshit reason, but it’s to piss off us original fans, I know it.”

Maxwell went on to comment that because of this one change, he could no longer claim to know what would be coming up in future episodes to his co-workers.  A situation he described as “bullshit.”


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