News In Brief – May 20th

Steven Harper has agreed to take part in a debate for the next federal election that will be held in Calgary, his riding.  The Conservatives are hoping to schedule an election so that the debate will fall during the Calgary Stampede, at which point the audience would hopefully be too drunk not to hoot at various cowboy references.

The US Government has released a list of the books found on Osama Bin Laden’s bookcase during the raid that killed him.  Among them is a book on the various conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11.  Found inside the book was a handwritten letter to the author, that Bin Laden had apparently not found time to address and post yet.  “You are some kind of crazy.” The letter included. “But really convincing.  You almost had me believing that I didn’t do it.  Keep writing, I want to see what you come up with next!  Your biggest fan, UBL”.

A group of four international banks have admitted guilt to the US Department of Justice and will pay a penalty of $2.5 billion US.  The banks, Citigroup, Barclay’s, Royal Bank of Scotland, and JP Morgan Chase, have already devised additional fees to charge to pass the penalty on to their clients.


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