Libertarian Really Into SimCity

(Houston, TX) –Texan and Tea Party volunteer Duke Blaze revealed exclusively to myself and SLN this morning that he is a huge fan of the EA game series SimCity.  The game centers around the creation and management of a city where the player acts as the Mayor.

“I absolutely love this game.” Duke told me.  “And I’m phenomenally good at it.  In my current city, I have upward of 90% ridership on the buses and other mass transit systems.  The government run schools are teaching everyone at a high level.  I’ve set my tax rate a little high, and people are complaining, but the city is making about $20,000 an hour, and I’ve a few hundred million in the bank.  There’s no crime, hardly any fires, and everyone seems happy with the health coverage I have.  I like to give them a few more hospitals than they need, just to be sure that everyone is getting the healthcare they need.”

Asked about his work, Blaze then went on a 15 minute diatribe about Obama, Obamacare, and for some reason, French Toast.


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