Man Remembers He Never Saw Ecks Vs Sever

(New York, NY) –Julian Wayne, a long time resident of New York city, revealed to myself and SLN this morning that at some point around 2pm yesterday, he suddenly remembered that he had never seen the film Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever, the 2002 film starring Antonia Banderas and Lucy Liu as a pair of government agents sent to kill each other.

“I was just sitting at my desk, working on a report on plastic import rates and projections, when I had a flash of insight that I had never actually seen the movie.  I mean, I remember that there were posters for it.  Huge ones.  And I think I saw a cardboard cut-out of Lucy Liu at a theater.  But I have no memory of it ever being in theaters, or of seeing it.”

“Crazy eh?”

As of press time, Julian has assured SLN that he will be “having a quick look on Netflix” to see if it is there.


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