Revolutionary New Oven Offers New Way To Cook

(Los Angeles, CA) –Technology startup OvenTech, a Los Angeles based company, unveiled its new “forward thinking” redesign of the classic kitchen staple appliance, the oven.

“For too long, the design of the oven has stagnated.  Sure, there have been advances like adding convection, but even that is twentieth century thinking.  Our new oven design is revolutionary.  It is twenty first century thinking.”

Features of the new oven design include the following.

-Rapid Preheat Mode.  The oven is capable of preheating to any temperature within 4 minutes

-Dual Zone Climate Control.  Have to cook two things at two different temperatures?  This is no longer an issue.

-Bluetooth Enabled.  Now you can control the oven from your smart phone or Playstation 4.

-Webcam Enabled.  Want to check on your food without opening the door?  The equipped webcam will let you check how things look from anywhere on the planet.

-Social Media.  Before, you would have to wait for Scotty to post a picture of his food on Instagram before you could comment on it.  Now you can see it and comment AS it cooks!

-Touchscreen.  For years the glass stove top has been used only for a quick clean surface, but now it’s a touchscreen, allowing you to play your favourite games like Angry Birds, or Tower Defence.

Things sure are heating up in the cooking industry.


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