Socially Awkard Man Makes Chance Encounter Particularly Awkward

(Edmonton, AB) –While walking his dog this morning, local Ernie Beer managed to turn a random encounter with a stranger into a particularly awkward situation that he will relive a thousand times in the next year.  We asked him to relate the events in his own words.

“Oh wow.  Well, I was out walking Greg, that’s our miniature dachshund, and she’d just taken a poo.  I’d bagged it and we were walking back toward the nearest garbage can.  I was wearing my Star Wars shirt, the one with the Rebel Alliance symbol on it, it’s a great shirt.  But as we’re walking, this mum and her child walk by, and she says to me “I like your shirt!”.”

“That’s not so bad so far.  But then I replied. “Thanks, I like yours too!””  Ernie lowered his face into his hands at this point and muffled “But she wasn’t wearing a special shirt or anything.  It was a normal shirt, perhaps even a little tight across the, um, area.”

“Oh God!  I just threw the poo bag in the trash and we got out of there.”

Reached for comment, the woman involved had forgotten all about the incident, commenting “Oh yeah, that happened”, when she had finally remembered.


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