Man Inspired By Criminal Minds Criminals

(Seattle, WA) –Scott Bach was binge watching an episode of the ABC show Criminal Minds on Netflix when he became inspired by the show and discovered his calling.

“There’s an episode in the eighth season called ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ where these two guys kidnap a bus full of teenagers and have them act out their favorite video game, which is some kind of shooter or something.  Some people die and blah, blah, blah.  But when I saw that I was like, woah, that’s actually a really great idea.”

“There’s this game that I play, like, all the time, and just seeing these guys create that game in real life.  Well, it was a revelation.  I could totally do that with my favorite game!”

As the SLN reporter on the scene began to get nervous and edge toward the door, Scott elaborated.

“You see, I play SimCity a lot.  The daily amount of time would be measured in hours, that’s how much.  So, I’m going to become a City Planner and live out my dreams!”


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