Woman Has Legs For Days, Unsure If Using Them Correctly

(Raleigh, NC) –Local female Janice Jade told Sealion News this morning that while she certainly has the basics of leg movement down, she has never been sure if they have additional abilities.

“I’ve often been told that I have great legs, although that’s never really been elaborated on beyond that.  No one has been able to specifically identify what makes them great.  I can’t see it, they’ve always just been there.”
“Now don’t get me wrong, I can certainly do the usual things.  Walking in a straight line, cornering, even stairs, both up and down.  I can move to a seated position and back, even get up from laying down.  Jumping, hopping, all that stuff.”

“Unfortunately, I was never given a manual on them, so I’m not sure if there are any advanced movements I could be practicing, to really hone my skills.  I’ve tried contacting the local colleges to see if they offer any courses on correct leg use, but they all hang up on me and never answer my emails.”

Her legs have become an increasing source of frustration for her over the last decade.

“It is a little frustrating, yes.  I’ve overheard some men talk about other women, saying that they ‘sure know how to use their legs’.  But no one has ever said that about me.  Unfortunately, the women they say it about are already long gone by the time I see where they’re looking, and so I never get a chance to ask where they learned to use their legs.”

As of press time, Janice was attempting another Google search and considering posting a question on Yahoo Answers.


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