Man Buys Three Watermelons, You Won’t Believe What He Did Next

(Scottsdale, AZ) –Scott Dale, of Scottsdale Arizona, is not a man who stands out in a crowd with his khaki shorts and beige golf shirt.  But earlier today, SLN came across Scott as he was leaving a local supermarket carrying three water melons.  A number of melons that we found slightly unusual, so we sat down with him, and asked what they were for.

It turns out, that Scott does not run a store on the internet where he sells crafts he painstakingly produces over several days.  Scott is not an artisan, working with fruit, large or small, citrus or not.

Scott is also not a scientist, obtaining the watermelons for a purpose that would ultimately feed the worlds starving.  Nor is he going to discover an energy source inside water melons that would solve the global energy crisis with easily grown renewable fuel.

Scott does not have a YouTube or PornHub channel where he would post a video of himself doing something to the watermelons that would be either classed as a ‘life hack’ or suitable for the latter.

No.  What Scott plans to do with those three watermelons will shock and amaze you.

“Holy shit you guys!  No!  Stop trying to click bait me.  They were on special; my family and I are going to eat them.  Not even all at once, but probably over the next 4 days.  We like watermelon, it’s summer, they were cheap.  That’s literally all there is to this.”

There are some things you just have to see to believe.


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