Traffic Lights Totally Messing With Drivers

(Vancouver, BC) –The traffic lights at the intersections of 10th Ave and Blanca St in Vancouver freely admitted to ‘messing’ with the drivers at that intersection late last night.

“We get kind of bored at night.” The lights told us, “So yeah, we have a little fun.  Like last night, oh, must’ve been coming up on 3 am, there was this guy approaching in a Civic.  He was leaving the university.  There’s no one else anywhere, so we keep it on green for him.  All the way up.”

“Then boom.  Last second, we switch it to yellow and red, cycle them quick too, so he has to stop or he runs the light.  Now he’s waiting, and there’s no one else at the intersection.  It’s completely clear.”

“It’s all a test, to see if he’ll run it.  This guy didn’t, he had some patience.  Anyway, so a few minutes later, these three cars start coming down Blanca, which is green.  We wait till the last second and then make them stop and Civic is free to go.”

“You really have to make your own entertainment in this job.”


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