Christy Clark: Fighting Fires Is Like A Game Of Chess, But Also, You Know, Nothing Like That

(Pemberton, BC) –Readers, I’m sure you’re aware of all the wildfires going on out in BC right now.  Well, BC’s Premier, Christy Clark, is out in Pemberton looking over the operation of the brave men and women who are out there battling these fires.

“In some ways, it’s like a game of chess.” She told the assembled media, including myself.  “You know, but you’re opponent, in this case a fire, is acting like it has absolutely no idea what the rules of chess are, or even if it is aware that a thing called chess exists.”

“It’s weird.  You could almost say that it’s actually nothing like a game of chess at all, and that it’s more like a well-played game of Yahtzee, only, again, the fire has no concept of Yahtzee.”

“Clue?  The Game Of Life?  I don’t think this analogy is working.  It’s sort of like watching Bell TV’s Shomi.  There’s a lot of sitting around for a bit, then you wonder why you cancelled your Netflix subscription.”

“No, that one’s even worse.  I guess you could say that fighting these fires are sort of like fighting a small fire, but much, much bigger, and far more complicated.”

At this point, the Premier sat back, quite pleased with herself.  “Yes, it’s almost exactly like that.”


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