SW Calgary Mailbox Left Open, Bills Totally Stolen You Guys

(Calgary, AB) –Readers, It came to my attention today that apparently yesterday a series of mailboxes were left open by Canada Post in the SW of town.  Now, I don’t really see the point of Canada Post.  I mean, sure, they continuously deliver packages and mail far cheaper than the private sector does, and sure, given the increasing amount of internet orders which is only going to continue to increase, they have a booming trade coming.  But you know, I was told by some people once that it was a dying industry and a burden on the tax payers, and well, the guy who said that had a firm handshake, and dammit that’s good enough for me.

So naturally, I went down to this neighbourhood to see what the people thought.

“Yeah.  The mailbox is all wide open, and shit.” The first person we saw told us. “And I came around later, so I don’t know if any of my mail was stolen or anything.  I mean, what about my bills, you know?  Suppose someone made off with those.  I would never know how much I owe them.  You’re putting this on the internet right?  Good.  So yeah, I guess, if I never got a bill, then that bill would end up not being paid.  And it totally sucks, because I totally have the money for Visa, which I’m guessing, is the bill that got stolen today.  So that’s why I can’t pay Visa.  Because I didn’t get the bill.  Did get this card and cheque from my Aunt though, so that’s nice.  Nice of the guys who stole my Visa bill to not steal my birthday card.”

Sadly, there was no one else on the scene to talk to.


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