Man Visits MI5 Homepage While Searching For Tom Cruise Movie

(Calgary, AB) –Readers, in a few weeks another Mission Impossible movie will come out.  No doubt, Ethan Hunt and his crew will be disavowed, again.

And is it just me, or is that the least effective threat to a spy in those movies.  “You’re disavowed, you know, until you prove your innocence or complete the mission or something.”  It’s not the threat it was in the tv show, which suggested disavowal was a more permanent state, and not something that you can do if you happen to want a weekend off.

Regardless, I came across a story of a man who was interviewed by police after spending an inordinate amount of time on the MI5 website, the government agency responsible for counter intelligence in the UK.

“I had forgotten what the subtitle of the movie was, when I started my google search, so I just punched in ‘MI5’ and chose the first link.  Turns out that wasn’t the page for the movie.  But I didn’t get that straight away.  It looked kind of spyish, so I just kept routing around, looking and reading everything.”

“I’ll be honest, I did find it a little Britain-centric for a film website about an American spy agency, but I didn’t know much about the film at the time.  Plus, Simon Pegg is in it, so that made some sense.  I did think that they’d put an extraordinary amount of detail into the website though.  They’d really gone with immersive experience for the web visitor.”

“In hindsight, it was probably filling in that comment card and signing up for their email newsletter that raised the red flags.  I may have used some rather strong phrasing about the lack of Tom Cruise information on their site.  Amongst other things.”

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for M.I.5 told us it was something that had been happening with increasing regularity over the last few months.

“Yeah, it’s been an issue.  There’s definitely been a surge in readership of our site since Ghost Protocol came out, and it’s only increased since.  We were also contacted by some LA lawyers asking if we’d consider changing our name or giving the studio the site domain.  We reached out to them through Simon Pegg and told them to piss off.”

“But yeah, given the sheer number of racial epithets used in that guy’s comment card, we felt it our duty to reach out to the RCMP and have them look into him.  That guy has some issues.”

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is released in North America on July 31st.



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