Harper Oddly Nervous After Question About Trudeau

(Ottawa, ON) –So yesterday Prime Minister Stephen Harper called for an election out in October, but the big news is that for the first few hours, there was no sign of Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau.

Now sure, he claims now that he was on a flight to Vancouver when the election was called, and he did turn up there.  But are we sure that’s where he was the whole time?

I don’t want to get all tin foil hat on you folks, but how do we know that he hadn’t been kidnapped by the forces of the PMO and forced into a sort of brainwashing situation, similar to what happened to lieutenant commander Geordi LaForge in the episode of Star Trek The Next Generation “The Mind’s Eye”?

The simple fact is that we don’t.

And unfortunately, Prime Minister Harper is not helping this theory disappear.

Asked about the location of Trudeau, the PM acted evasive, nervous, and claimed not to know.  But isn’t that what someone who had orchestrated an attempt to turn an MP into an assassin also do?

We came right out and asked Prime Minister Harper if he had Trudeau brainwashed via Romulan techniques to control his mind and make him susceptible to suggestions, such as assassination attempts.

“What?  Why would you even ask me that?  That’s really specific.  And I’m pretty sure that Romulan’s don’t actually exist.”

So there you have it folks.  The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and current Prime Minister is not a Star Trek fan.  These are the issues that matter to Canadians, and only Sealion News is bringing this information to you.

Now, once Trudeau arrived in BC, we sent our reporters down there to talk to him.  Yes, he assured us that he had not been brainwashed on the flight.  But again, that’s probably what someone who HAD been brainwashed would say.  So, ultimately, the results of our investigation have proved inconclusive.

But if, during the course of this election campaign he starts acting weird or assassinates someone, then we’ll have our answer.

Of course, if Trudeau does nothing weird during the campaign, then we will never know for sure if he has been brainwashed or not.

Oh.  I’ve just been handed a note.  It seems that Mulcair and the NDP and Elizabeth May and the Greens also exist.

Geordi LaForge being brainwashed
Could this have been Justin Trudeau yesterday?

Read More Here:

Huffington Post



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