Trump Campaign Receiving Big Donations

(New York, NY) –Readers, we’re not shy about discussing our feelings about business mogul Donald Trump’s presidential campaign here.  We’ve made some one comment about it.  Maybe two.  But it seems that we’re not the only ardent supporters of this giant of industry.  It seems that multiple large contributions have been made to both the Trump campaign directly, as well as to the many Super PAC’s supporting him.  We spoke with one of the donors.

“Oh yeah, we’re big time supporters of Trump.  The longer he stays in and remains a viable candidate the better.  We’ve already given Bernie Sanders money, so now we just have to keep Trump in, so there’s no actual viable Republican candidate.”

“Granted, there’s not a lot of great choices on that side as it is, but hopefully, Trump can scare anyone else who was thinking of running away from that.”  They then crossed their index and middle fingers on each hand and emitted a noise sort of like “ugh” and “ehh”

Asked for comment, Mr Trump acknowledged that “Of course I have bipartisan support.  It’s because I have great ideas, ideas that everyone admits are good.  Republican as well as Democrat.  That’s why I’m getting so much money and will win the election with 100 percent of the votes.”


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