Previous Generations On Millennials: Hey, These Guys Are Alright

(Calgary, AB) –The results of a recent online study on Millennials has previous generations rethinking their stance on today’s youth, and seeing common ground.

“I used to think that Millennials were all entitled and not really willing to do the work required.  But then I saw this study that says that they’re not apathetic about issues, they just don’t trust politicians.  Which made me think, maybe these guys aren’t so bad.  They know what’s going on.”  A member of the boomer generation told us.

Even Gen-X’ers have changed their opinion on Millenials.  “Yeah.  At first, I used to think they were copying us.  I mean, come on.  Anti-establishment rhetoric?  We came up with that, next thing they’ll be throwing a concert out at Woodstock, like we totally did in ’94 and ’99.  But ours was the concert to end all concerts out there.  But then I heard that they also find politician’s to be loathsome, backstabbing, two-faced jackasses, and I thought, well hey, they’re not stupid.  Even if they are encouraging Michael Bay to ruin TMNT and Transformers.”


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