Final Daily Show Ruins Local Weiner Dog’s Night

(Calgary, AB) –A local wiener dog had her night completely ruined by Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show, when one of her masters refused to go to bed until it was over at 1 a.m.

“This is some kind of bullshit, right here.” The dog, Finnie, told us.  “Usually my masters go to bed around 10:30 to 11, but tonight only one of them went upstairs then.  So what am I supposed to do?  Go up with her and get some sleep?!”

“What if mangy master eats something?  Which he actually DID, and I got the corners of his sandwich because I was downstairs staring at him incessantly for two hours and emitting a high pitched squeaking noise.”

“And then the evening got worse as a fly came in from somewhere right around the time Colbert came on; so I had to stay awake and keep an eye on that as it just flew around the room, landing on things.  I can’t go to bed at a high stress time like that!  There’s a damned fly in the room!”

“So finally, the show ends, and it’s past 1 in the goddamned morning, and he looks at me and asks ‘do you want to go out?’.  So I don’t move, because I’m pretty sure this is a trick or something.  He asks me that a few more times, nudges my butt a bit, but I just look at him like he’s some kind of idiot.  Who knows what’s out there at this time of night!  So then finally we went to bed and the ordeal was over.”

“I hate you Jon Stewart!” The dog told us emphatically that night.  “You ruined my life. Presumably forever because I have an excellent memory for these things and will not just forget about it tomorrow morning.”


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Weiner dog terror face


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