Scientist Asked Opinion On US ISIS Stance

(Berkeley, CA) -At a recent press conference to discuss his recent discovery in molecular biology, scientist Benjamin Hertz was asked for his expert opinion on how the United States should react to the developments in the middle east with the terrorist group ISIS.

“Well, I’m no politician, so this is completely outside of any expertise I have.  But I guess something should be done?  But like I say, I’m not a politician, so I can’t really give an expert opinion on something like that.  I mean, think about it, would you ask a politician for their opinion on something to do with science?  Of course not, that would be stupid.  They’ve not been doing this stuff for 15+ years, they’ve been shaking people’s hands and kissing their babies, and hopefully not the other way around.”

“Think about it.  I’ve been in a lab, looking down a microscope and going over data on a computer screen for 12 hours a day, every day for the last 60 months to get to the big discovery we’re announcing today.  I’m not even sure what ISIS is.  So no, I can’t in good conscience answer your question.”

“Again, imagine if you were asking a politician about something like the theory of evolution, or climate change, or the big bang theory.  They would clearly have no idea about those subjects beyond a tenth grade level.  And even then, they probably only got a C+.  So whatever answer you got from them would just completely insane.  It wouldn’t even be wrong, that’s how wrong it would be.”

“It would be like asking them what two plus two is, and they answer ‘purple’.  What would that even mean?  So yeah.  Don’t ask me about things that I clearly have no expertise in.  Basically, when you’re thinking of your question, ask yourself “Is this as stupid as asking a politician a question about science?” And if the answer to that is yes, then don’t ask me about it.”


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