BC Droughts Inspire A Man To Do His Part

(Abbotsford, BC) –The recent droughts in BC and the lower mainland have inspired a local man to do his part for the province, and he has vowed to give up drinking water for the duration of the drought.

“I was hearing a lot on the news about how we shouldn’t be watering lawns, and should be using water saving measures like quick showers, and putting a brick in the back of the toilet to reduce water usage, and I got to thinking.  I drink a lot of water, probably several liters a day.  I can realistically cut that out, and the water can be saved for those who need it.”

“It’s no problem at all really.  There’s a liquor store on the ground floor of my building, so I can just go there and get something to drink.  Best part is they have a cold room, so I can have a refreshing drink any time I want.  I do have to stock up on Saturday though, you know.  Or travel further, but that’s gotten a lot trickier these days.”

“Overall, the plan is pretty solid.  I will be honest though, the morning’s are really rough.  But the nights are great, totally make up for it.”


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