Alberta To Harper: Well Fuck You Too, Buddy

(Edmonton, AB) –Responding to several attacks by Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the last week for their recent election of a provincial NDP government, Alberta voters had choice words for the leader of the Conservative Party.

“I’m a little surprised that he’s being so brazen in his criticism of us, if I’m honest.” One voter told us.  “I mean, we just kicked out a government of 4 decades because they talked shit about us.  So a guy who hasn’t even made it to one decade should probably watch his mouth.”

Several voters also revealed to Sealion News that they have even been considering the unthinkable in the wake of Harper’s attacks.

“I’m not fully there yet, but I’ve been hearing talk about voting for Trudeau’s kid and his Liberals as a middle finger back at Harper.  We don’t take kindly to folks talking smack about our voting here.  And as much as we all hate Pierre Trudeau, which is a lot, we’re not above kicking out some other asshole.”

Before continuing with, “Well.  When I say we ‘hated’ Trudeau, obviously I’m not talking about the levels of hate that are usually saved for truly vile people, like Margaret Thatcher.  Oh wow.  Now that’s hate.  I guess, compared to that, we at most, ‘didn’t really care for’ Trudeau.”

As of press time, the PM had doubled down on his remarks, and commented “I’m not your buddy, pal!”


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Calgary Sun


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