More Details On Apple’s Self-Driving Car

(Cupertino, CA) –Apple CEO Tim Cook announced more details about their plans for a self-driving car that will rival Google’s.

“Obviously, it will sync with your iPad, iPhone, iPod.  It’ll be seamless.  The radio will connect via Bluetooth and you can access whatever music you’d like.  The screens in the back will also be able to access any movies or shows you have on your device as well.  It’s great stuff.”

“But the biggest thing we’re excited about, is that the car will exclusively use Apple Maps for navigation.  Granted, there are still a few bugs to work out with that.”

Car in a river
A bug to be sorted out

“But we’re supremely confident that we’ll have those hammered out before launch.”


car in a lava field
Another bug to be sorted out

“It’ll also work seamlessly with your iWatch.  Which, incidentally, will be required in order to operate the vehicle.  We’re not going with keys, but with an RF frequency from the watch.  So that’s more secure than regular keys, right?  You’ll have to buy the iWatch separately though.”


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