New Club Song Does Not Work Well On Radio

(Calgary, AB) –A recent club hit has caused quite a commotion when replayed on the radio, due to the content of its lyrics.  We spoke with song composer, Tim.

“Music is well recognized as an art form, and while my lyrics may be controversial, their only real purpose was to make people think and possibly question the status quo, and why we do things how we do them.”

But not everyone agrees.  Local driver Ben had some strong feelings about the song.

“I think it’s a bad song.  It’s not art, it’s confusing.  I think that people will get upset and frustrated when it comes on the radio, and I think it’s going to cause an accident when people hear those lyrics.”

The song’s controversial nature, comes from its use of random driving commands, read by a voice similar to that used by many GPS systems.   Commands such as “turn left in 300 yards”, “calculating route”, and “turn right here”.  Many of these commands come in quick succession, and are contradictory in nature.

Music has not caused such a stir amongst the driving community since artists began playing police sirens at low volume in the background.


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