Afternoon Linkage is back – August 24th

We were out of the office last week, so there was no chance to bring you the best of the internet.  But we’re back now, so we can.  That’s a royal ‘we’, obviously.  God forbid the boss do it, nope, instead it’s “ah, he can just do it when he gets back on Monday.”  Git.

Anyways, here’s the best of Monday, some of which is from last week.

Vancouver leaders celebrate their efficient system (The Syrup Trap)

Mulcair almost caught with pot… legislation (The Beaverton)

RCMP briefly detain possible NDP supporter (The Lapine)

How the Brits see Canada (The True North Times)

Fan theories that could make sense (College Humor)

Hilarious movie deaths (Cracked)

Stuck on a flight?  Live tweet a break-up (The Chive)


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