Exclusive: What’s In The R-Rated Version Of The Hobbit?

While other sites on the internet are merely reporting the rumours that the third Hobbit film, The Battle Of The Five Armies will be rated R when the extended edition is released in November, only Sealion News is bringing you details on exactly what the changes are.

Surprisingly, the changes are not, as other sites claim, to do with increased blood shed or gore, but are a reflection of the language used in the extended edition.

“Ultimately, we felt that some of the material we had filmed was so brilliant that it was almost a cinematic crime not to include it.” Director Peter Jackson told us.  “Richard Armitage is just brilliant, and when his character, Thorin Oakenshield, was mortally wounded by Azog, Richard really got into the mental space where Thorin would have been.  It must have been like 2 minutes of just non-stop swearing from him.  Hang on.” Mr Jackson then checked his computer, “2 minutes and 42 seconds of near constant profane remarks.  Almost 3 minutes, I guess.”

“It was truly incredible, and all ad-libbed too.  There were comments about Azog’s questionable parentage, how much pain he was in at that moment, what Azog could go and do to himself, and how to make those suggestions physically possible.  I believe at one point a seagull flew overhead, so there were some choice words about what it could go and do.  There were some truly cathartic moments where he thinks about his mistakes and details them with colourful slang terms for male, female and orc genitalia.  It was truly a sight.  And luckily, it will be shown in its entirety on the extended edition.”

“There’s also a scene where Bilbo gets a splinter and says ‘motherfucker’, and one where Smaug says “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?” before immolating someone.  But those’re nothing compared to Thorin’s scene.”


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