Sales Of Walk-In Ovens Continue To Stagnate

(New York, USA) –Manufacturing and corporate juggernaut GE released information this morning showing that the sales of their new product are continuing to stagnate, despite months of an advertising campaign targeting restaurants and hotels.

The new GE walk-in oven was created when innovators realized that while kitchen staff could easily refrigerate and freeze large amounts of items and gain easy access with a walk in freezer, there was really no opportunity for large scale baking and cooking opportunities on the market.

The new walk-in oven allows for 20 sq.ft of food baking area, with a height of 9’, and allows for up to 3 people to work comfortably in that area.  The oven can reach a temperature of 350 Fahrenheit in less than 7.4 minutes (specifically, 7.39 minutes), and can increase all the way up to 600 F.

The oven even comes with safety equipment for the staff.  Specifically, a pair of latex gloves, and a sweat band.

GE does not understand why there is so little interest from restaurants in utilizing this ground breaking and time saving device.


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