Trudeau Campaign: Has Anyone Suggested ‘Change’ Yet?

(Ottawa, ON) –Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau reportedly had a personal hand in the selection of the current slogan for the election, Real Change.

“It was really hard to come up with, if I’m honest.  But we got there.  I was like, let’s try to delve deep into the minds of the voters.  What is their big frustration?  Well, they’re tired of the same old thing happening in Parliament.  So what’s the solution to that?  Change, change is the solution.  So that’s where we got the idea from.  It arose pretty organically, really.  I’m pretty sure that we’re the first non-incumbent political party on the planet that has ever come up with the idea of promising change.  Real Change, if you will.”

“But that’s today’s Liberal Party.  We think outside the box.  In fact, we even get all of our catering done by Taco Bell.  Yeah, we think outside the bun too!” Trudeau told us excitedly.

Asked for comment, Green Party leader Elizabeth May told us “I seriously can’t believe I’ll get fewer votes than this guy.”


a politician promises change


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