Trump Announces Upcoming Show Will Follow His VP Pick

(New York) –In an unprecedented move in American electoral history, Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced this morning that, following the Republican convention in July, he would be launching another series of The Apprentice that would follow him selecting his Vice Presidential candidate.  Donald Trump is yet to be confirmed as the Republican nominee, and so this move has many political commentators shrugging their shoulders and suggesting that it’s not really any different than anything else he’s done so far in the campaign.

“There’s really very little that surprises us about the Trump campaign anymore.”  One commentator told us.  “Inciting violence, wanting supporters to take oaths, plugging a new TV show.  You literally can’t tell satire from news with this guy anymore.  You could hear that he’s designed a uniform for his supporters to wear, or has them all wear wigs to make their hair like his, and you just shrug and say, ‘yeah, probably.’”

“This new season of The Apprentice: Vice President is going to be the best season ever.” Trump told the assembled reporters.  “Everybody is going to be in it because they all want to be my vice president.  Sarah Palin has signed up.  Ben Carson has signed up.  Christie has signed up.  Bernie Sanders personally called, and begged me to be on it, but I told him no.  Ted Cruz has already signed up, and he’s still running against me.  That’s how much of a loser he is.  Gene Simmons has signed up.  And, of course, Omarosa is going to be in it too.”

“I’m looking for the best Vice President ever, and I’m going to find them through weekly challenges pitting them against themselves.”

Asked for comment, Sarah Palin told us “Well, it seems like it’s the only way I’d ever get to be President, if I’m honest.  And darn it if the main stream media isn’t all ‘gee shucksing’ about all this already.  If you think about it, if anyone is going to get assassinated, it’s Trump.”

“I’m very smart.” Trump told us. “None of these people are ever going to be wanted to be President by the people.  Particularly Palin.  If I pick her, then no one is ever going to try to assassinate me.  I’ll be the safest, and therefore the best, President ever.”


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