‘Spite’ Leading Reason For Support Of Donald Trump

(Phoenix, AZ) – A recent survey from the University of Phoenix Department of Political Science of US Presidential candidate and Republican front runner Donald Trump’s supporters has revealed startling information that a significant number of his followers are only doing so to spite another group.

“Frankly, once we started talking to his supporters , it all sort of made sense.”  Professor Bob Afett told us.  “Trump is tapping into a lot of anger, and molding it into support for his campaign.  He’s framing in people’s minds that a vote for him will somehow ‘stick it’ to someone the voter doesn’t like.”

“Environmentalists, Democrats, establishment Republicans, people who take exception to racism, women, children, the elderly, poor people. Basically, if there’s a group that have valid concerns that have expressed them in some way, Trump has found a way to antagonize that group and attract people who feel the same.”

“He is the political equivalent of those exhausts you see added to trucks.  The ones that just create plumes of black smoke.  Those do nothing except pollute the air and use up more fuel.  The only reason people get those installed is to ‘make environmentalists mad’, when clearly the primary effect is to cost the owner more money at the pump.”

“And that’s Donald Trump’s campaign.  You vote for him to make someone else mad, but you gloss over the fact that you’re really hurting yourself as well.”


Reasons for Trump support
Reasons for Trump support

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